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Is he in love with me?

Is he in love with me? is a common question I get asked all the time as a love psychic. I've encountered countless individuals seeking affirmation about their partner's feelings towards them. Through tuning in to each individual over the years I have put together 30 sure signs that show he definitely is in love with you.

1. You're His Priority

I know life gets tough sometimes which is why the true depth of his love for you is directly mirrored by how much of a priority you are in his life. This isn't mere rhetoric but a genuine commitment, where your happiness takes precedence over his own desires. Of course this should be healthy for both individuals.

I once conducted a psychic reading a couple where the husband, despite a highly stressful career made time for his wife's passion for painting. I knew it wasn't a passion of his but it was clear as day how much he loved his wife.

2. Making A Point To Listen To You

This is very much not in one ear and out the other. This man loves you if he listens with unwavering attention. You can tell the sincerity of this if he remembers tiny details. This level of attentiveness is a clear as day indicator that what you say matters deeply to him. It is clear he loves you.

3. He's A Open Book

Sharing vulnerabilities is one of the keys to a successful long lasting relationship. When a man loves you, he becomes an open book, unafraid to expose his fears, dreams, and quirks. This is another sign that he is in love with you. This one requires patience however, so do not put uneccesay pressure on your partner here as it could have an adverse affect.

I once performed a psychic email reading where the clients question was "will my boyfriend ever open up for me?" I knew he would and it was amazing when she share his transformation in their relationship. Her partner began to open up, he started talking about the past and openly talking about some of his worries. Together their relationship became stronger and he admitted his love and trust for her has grown significantly since.

4. Your lives merge as one

A great way to know if he is in love with you or not is if your life becomes his to. Being part of each other's lives isn't just about meeting family and friends; it's about future planning and creating that vision together. If he really does love you it becomes undeniable when he strives to bring your life into his. You are a team, you are life partners.

As a relationship psychic I get many questions about whether love interests will move their life for the other. A lady called Jane from Phoenix had been in a long distance relationship with Phillip for around 9 months. It got to the point where she needed to know if Phillip was going to move his life to Phoenix for her. It took another 4 months but I guided Jane to remain positive. Phillip and Jane have now been living together for 3 and a half months as of time of writing this article for you. I share that story because it is a great example of how the answer to the question "is he in love with me?' quite clearly was a yes for Jane.

5. Future Plans 

This is one of the strongest ways to answer the question "Is he in love with me?" Creating and manifesting future plans together is essential to true love. Commitment reveals itself through mutual future planning together. When he's ready for a lasting partnership with you, he is open to discussing future plans. This might not be marriage straight away. Future plans can be as little as planning weekend getaways and potential honeymoon locations ect.

man in love with woman

6. He Embraces Your Imperfections

As we touched base on already in the "what is love" article we know love is so much deeper than just physical. The truth is that we all have imperfections but the key to answering the question "does he love me" comes from wether or not this man accepts your imoperfections. If he does, great, he definitely loves you, if he doesn't then the answer is likely to be no he does not love you.

One top tip I can give you is keep yourself aware of recurring comments that make you feel bad, this is a obvious sign he is fighting against accepting your imperfections. On the other hand please do be open to growth. If you find your husband is having an open and honest conversation about a bad habit of yours and you genuinely know its from a good place then grow with him.

7. Love can be seen and heard beyond just words

You really dont need to hear the words "I love you" for you to answer the question is he in love with me? Love can be conveyed through non-verbal expressions also. Take a moment to assess how he gazes at you, holds you, and engages in small yet heartfelt gestures speaks volumes. Is he present. I know you know the feeling i mean.

8. Your Happiness Is Important To Him

Ever wondered how important you happiness is to the man you love?  I actually think it is a great metric to measure just how much he really loves you. Does he willingly sacrifice his preferences to see you happy, does he constantly put you first. Now i'm not saying he should put you first all the time but it becomes very clear just how important your happiness is to him when he does. 

One lady I once did a reading for asked me 'will me and my husband last the test of time' Unfortunately with real authentic readings you do not always get the answer you desire. This reading revealed a lot about a dark cloud around her happiness and her husband.

9. You both remain solid through the good and the bad.

True love reveals itself when things aren't going well. Over the last 14 years I have conducted many psychic readings around love and relationships and one thing is clear. The deepest and strongest love is the love that has been tested. Think about it, how can you really judge he loves your or not if you haven't gone through hardship together.

Those who remain strong and united throughout the rollercoster of life are in the best place to answer yes to the question "is he in love with me?". Afterall, if he didn't he would have left as soon as things got tough.

10. Compliments

I love compliments just as much as you do. These compliments must be beyond routine compliments however. More than the standard "you look nice". As much as we enjoy that one, real, genuine love involves acknowledging and appreciating your partner's unique qualities, making them feel truly special. If he does this there's no doubt he is in love with you.

11. Sharing The Language of Love Together

Understanding and respecting each other's love language is key. However, the best way to answer the question you're dying to know is if he caters to your love language or not. Now, if he doesn't but you both have not had that conversation then first have the conversation. My love language is physical touch. Let him know yours and find out his. Love language is another way of letting each other know what is important to you both.

man and woman looking at eachother in love on beach

If you see he makes a conscious effort towards your love languge then I think you have a winner and it is clear he is in love with you.

12. He Gives You His Time

Time is a precious commodity. If your man gives you his time then I believe he is giving you his love. The value of time spent together becomes immeasurable in a loving relationship. His commitment is evident in the quality time he dedicates to the relationship. I'm not saying he should drop everything in his life for you but there should be a good level of give and take. If your man makes you great and content then he really is in love with you.

One common question i get asked as a psychic is "Should I leave my partner" Now instead of just performing the reading, I like to go into a bit more detail to ensure I can offer the best and most accurate reading possible. Often women reveal that their man just isn't giving them enough of his time. They do not feel like a priority and this really does cause long term issues in a relationship.

13. He Gives You Comfort And Peace 

My partner is my home. After a few failed relationships where the energy wasn't right I realised how important it is for your man to give you peace. There's no funny business, no suspicious behaviour. Just pure honesty and reliability. You trust him. He becomes your place of comfort and peace.

I really do think this is invaluable to any relationship and a super strong conclusion that yes, he is deeply in love with you.

14. He Understands You Like No One Else

He actively seeks to understand your perspective on life. This really is a cornerstone to true love. His genuine interest in understanding and accepting your worldview signifies a commitment to to grow with you. As long as he is not constantly opposing these views it is a strong sign he is in love with you.

15. You Decide Together

In a loving and respectable partnership, decisions are collaborative. Now we are not opposed to a strong man leading you both the best way he can however it is important that there is still a clear balance where your opinions are not only considered but actively sought. If your man shows this level of emotional intelligence he is a great man to have in your corner. This behaviour is often the result of a deep love towards you. 

As a relationship psychic I often get asked to perform readings on what couples futures hold. I have had many readings that have revealed big decisions and changes on the horizon. In my experience the most successful relationships are those who decide to accept these changes and commit together. 

16. Consistency in Feelings

One of my favourite ways to tell if a man is in love with me is through his consistency of feelings. You have probably heard of the phrase "hot then cold." When a man seems interested one moment and then almost completely disinterested the next. Genuine love remains balanced and unaffected by temporary emotions or external circumstances. His consistent expression of feelings really reveals the level of love he has for you.

Often I get asked "Will he commit to me or is he leading me on?" For many when i tune into the energy of these men they are often leading with false love. This negative energy is really easy to pick up when performing a psychic reading. However, some are lucky and the tarot cards show a little bit more patience is needed before a major love victory.

man and woman holding hands in love

17. He Talks About Your Good Qualities

I thought I would leave the best until last. He talks about your good qualities. Now in my opinion if your man constantly talks about the good qualities you have (other than your physical appearance) there is absolutely no doubt he has fallen deeply in love with you. Sure, being told you look nice is cool but if he starts pointing out your inner qualities by giving you compliments like; "You are so caring" and "You have such a kind heart" shows a true deep level of love and appreciation.

If you are a lady lucky enough to be receiving these types of compliments right now then you really dont need to ponder the question "Is he in love with me". It is obvious, he loves every part of you.

 Final Thoughts

Sure, we all get moment where we wonder if our partner truly loves us or not. Sometimes we are hearing all the right stuff but our guard is up and other times we are just not with the right person. However, from experience many women need to accept that they are worthy of being loved, often these 18 examples fly over our heads. Lets take a moment and ask ourselves just how many of these signs we have seen. It's likely quite a few and great, you are now in the best place to answer our question "is he in love with me?" with a big YES HE IS.


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Author: Libby Anna Greenfield

Libby Greenfield is a professional psychic medium relationship expert/ author. She provides idepth knowledge and experience of all things love and relationships. Using her tarot cards to provide the best possible email readings for her clients.

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