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Twin Flame Meaning

So, What Is a Twin Flame?

A twin flame isn't restricted to just a romantic connection. Instead a twin flame is best defined as a intense connection that can manifest as a romantic partner, a best friend, or even a  lifementor. This high-level, soul-based relationship isn't primarily about romance but serves as a catalyst for  spiritual growth and connection.

A Twin Flame is often called a "mirror soul" this is due to the common belief that one soul has been split into two bodies. When these two bodies or people come together the soul becomes one. This is a reflection of the intense feeling of emotion and connection between two people.

How Do You Know When You've Met Your Twin Flame?

Knowing when you have met your twin flame is said to be a profound feeling. Recognising your twin flame involves a sense of déjà vu and an intense inner pull towards the person instantly. According to psychospiritual mentor Lisa Vallejos, it feels like a sense of homecoming, that powerful sense of similarity like you have known each other for a long time. Signs you have met your twin flame could include shared traumas, synchronicities, and an overwhelming feeling about your new found connection. As you read this, you might be reflecting on a particular feeling, it is not uncommon to not fully understand why you are feeling this way but rest assured remain open minded. We encourage your to explore this connection. It's special.

Physical Signs You've Met Your Twin Flame

That Inner Pull

A strong, undeniable attraction and inner pull towards the person.

Déjà Vu

A sense of familiarity, as if you've known this person forever even though you have just met.

Shared Traumas & Experiences

Similar experiences of traumas and experiences. Life paths can look extremely similar in all parts of your lives.


Meaningful coincidences that connect your lives in profound ways.

Enhanced, Profound Connection

An intense feeling that the connection is destined and meant to be. This sense of connection runs deep almost instantly.

twin flame

How Are Twin Flames Chosen?

Twin flame connections are often seen as fated, meant to be, and not fully chosen. The relationship acts as a mirror, reflecting your qualities, strengths, and weaknesses. To find your twin flame, focus on recognising and embracing your authentic energy. We believe your best chance of connecting with your twin flame is through inner growth. It's important to understand your twin flame is not chosen. A true twinflame encounter is often unexpected and progresses fast due to the overwhelming connection between two people. 

The feeling is strong, it is often reported that the intense connection can be overwhelming and scary but rest assured take a moment and embrace this connection, explore it and let this love connection flow openly.

Twin Flame vs. Soulmate - Are they the same?

Twin flames and soulmates are not the same thing. Whilst the terms "twin flame" and "soulmate" are sometimes used within the same context, they have distinct differences. Soulmates, which can include friends, family, and romantic partners, are numerous, while twin flames are considered more specific. Many believe you only have one twin flame.

You may find you have multiple soulmates throughout your life, but typically only one twin flame. Remember earlier we spoke about a twin flame sharing different parts of the same soul, soulmates on the other hand are two separate souls drawn to each other. The connection is still strong but different.

The Realities Of Your Twin Flame Relationship

Entering a twin flame relationship can be exciting and positive however, entering a twin flame relationship can  also be initially volatile due to its quick and intense nature. That being said, the twin flame connection requires a genuine level of effort and commitment for it to work out for you. Conflict and healthy resolutions are common, as both twin flames are often very similar. Despite the intensity, twin flames should not forget their connections with friends and family outside the relationship.

Yes the connection is electric and the relationship can be amazing positive but it is vital to keep connections with others open. The expectation is to feel safe and stable with each other creating a healthy relationship together for years to come. 

Are Twin Flames Meant to Be Together?

Truthfully, a twin flame relationship doesn't necessarily guarantee a lifelong partnership. Most twin flame relationships are challenging to maintain due to their intensity. You might have heard opposites attract, interestingly, twin flames are very similar. Instead, twin flame relationships are viewed as catalysts for personal growth, pushing individuals to confront and heal unresolved wounds together.

If your twin flame connection fails, the separation in these relationships, while painful, is considered an opportunity for transformation and the pursuit of other high-level spiritual connections. Remember, everythinh happens for a reason. For you and not just to you.

What Is a Twin Flame Relationship?

A twin flame relationship is a powerful, spiritual or soulful connection where two individuals are equally committed to each other. The relationship does not just mean romantic, it can infact be platonic too. Your twin flame relationship can extend to friendships or mentorships. The intensity and rapid development of a deep connection characterise twin flame relationships, often leaving individuals feeling like they've known each other forever.

We see many instantly think this strong twin flame connection means love. Our psychics urge you to not rush down this love road. That being said be open and follow your intuition. If you are unsure if you have met your twin flame or not please let our psychics guide you with a love reading.

How Do I Recognise My Twin Flame?

Recognition of a twin flame doesn't come from physical appearance. Recognising your twin flame comes from a internal feeling like we mentioned above (inner pull, a sense of déjà vu ect). Recognising your twin flame is a profound experience where merging energies make it challenging to distinguish where one person starts and the other ends. This is a strong sign both parts of your soul have finally come together.

Are Twin Flames Toxic?

While twin flame connections are intense, they are not inherently toxic. However, the term "twin flame" can sometimes promote unrealistic expectations, leading to toxic relationship dynamics such as love bombing and future faking. The sense of a twin flame relationship often leads to more chances and accepting poor behaviour in the hope of everything coming right in the end.

Twin Flames and toxicity continued 

In certain instances, individuals might misuse the twin flame concept as an excuse for toxic behaviour. However, it's essential to emphasise that healthy relationships actively avoid intentional harm or abuse (Including both physical and emotional). 

Informational sources on twin flame relationships often paint the picture that they are tumultuous, intense, and emotionally charged. It can be fairly argued that both twin flames and toxic relationships have some strong parallels.

 twin flame relationship on beach

One particular stage, known as the "runner and chaser,"  concept. This is often found in emotionally abusive relationships, such as stonewalling and gaslighting. It's worth noting that contemporary spiritual/ twin flame communities sometimes push gender stereotypes by suggesting that runners are predominantly male whilst chasers are typically female. This could reinforce outdated beliefs leading to unhealthy power dynamics.

A common problem our psychics face with twin flame readings is that thetwin flame ideology often leads to codependent relationships. The power of twin flame connection can rapidly lead to ones self-worth becomes intricately linked to the relationship. This should not be the case. Remember there could be a deeper reason this happens that runs deeper then this spiritual connection.

Another potential toxic link to twin flame connections comes from the feeling of having to heal your partner. As you feel like the other half of your partner, you might feel these traumas are your responsibility. They are not. It's crucial to understand that the responsibility for healing another person's trauma should not rest solely on a partner's shoulders. Professional help is often necessary for individuals dealing with past trauma to facilitate genuine healing, resolution and growth.

Final Thoughts

The term twin flame often refers to a deep connection you feel with someone. This could be a romantic interest or friend. The feeling is intense, deep and spiritual often leading to many describing the twin flame as two parts of the soul coming together in different bodies. The biggest misconception of twin flames is that they are purely romantic. Although this new relationship could be romantic it is important to explore it in an open way.

Twin flame relationships are a beautiful thing often tarnished due to unhealthy fixation. The strength of a connection can lead to unhealthy and seemingly unnatural acceptance of toxic behavior, we believe this is due to you mis understanding the powerful connection. The positivity and negativity of a twin flame relationship comes down to how two people come together and treat each other.

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