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What Is True Love?

So you think you might have found true love. But what does true love really mean in this day and age anyway? Critics say true love doesn't exist whilst the hopeless romantics like myself think everyone should be on the quest to find their soulmate or twinflame. Lets get one thing straight we here at Psychic Belief believe in true love and this article is going to explain exactly what true love really is.

True Love Defined 

The definition of true love can be tricky to conclude. We believe true love is when you have an unbreakable, deep, almost spiritual love for someone. This isnt just a love for their psychical appearance or body, this love is so much deeper. You are in love with every part of them and their soul. When you have this feeling it is likely you really have found true love for someone.

5 Signs And Feelings Of True Love

True Love Takes Time

Yes it is true, true love takes time. The feeling of new love for someone who hasn't been in your life longer than 5 minutes is easy. However, the feeling of true love comes from adversity. You may have gone through trials and tribulations together. Your love journey hasn't always been easy but you have both stood the test of time in a healthy dynamic and at the end of it all, you both wouldn't want the other to not be part of it. That's true love.

True Love Means A Deeper Connection

As we mentioned before true love runs deeper then just physical attraction. Your connection is emotional and spiritual. You get that deep feeling within your heart that you have found your person. It almost feels like a gravitational pull, every fibre of your body believes you two should be together. This feeling is reciprocated and the connection runs deep.

Emotionally you both come together, yes you have your differences in opinion but you can talk openly to each other about anything. You often hear romantic partners refer to eachother as best friends. We believe this feeling is a strong sign of true love.

True Love Is Acceptance 

Fully accepting your partner is a sign of true love. Yes, no one is perfect and everyone has their floors, but ultimately you have seen the good, the bad and the ugly in this person but you wouldn't change them for the world. Now it is important that these flaws and traits are healthy. Regardless of imperfections you know the person you feel true love for is golden inside and a great person that you always want in your life forever.

True Love Is Mutual 

True love is a two way street. As we mentioned before, true love cannot exist if the deepness of the connection is not mutual. The truth is true love is bringing the best out of each other. That feeling of happiness, warmth and home. That feeling of wanting to be the best version of yourself which is often inspired by your partner.- **Spicing Things Up:** A rock-solid relationship welcomes new adventures. True love thrives when partners embrace change and keep things exciting.

True Love Continues To Grow

We all love those stories that the older generation tell us; "We've been married 60 years and it was true love at first sight". Now I am not sure about you but that's exactly the true love I am looking for! True love is real love and real love is love for someone that lasts entire life time.

Life can get difficult sometimes, trials and tribulations are on the horizon for everyone. However, the ability to work through that together with someone is what true and lasting love is all about. Instead of your love weakening through hardship, true love grows stronger and deeper through the ups and downs life throws at us all.

Looks fade, you will most likely never be as beautiful as you are at this very moment and neither will your partner. But it doesn't matter as your souls together always stat the same. You grow and age together and what really matters isn't the physical connection, its the connection to each other souls that displays the real true love between you both.

Professional Psychologists Answer For What Is True Love

Meredith Hansen“Healthy adult love exists when both partners are emotionally interdependent; meaning that both partners love one another, care for one another, desire physical closeness with one another, but respect each other enough to have their own identities as well.

This raises the question, is true love just for another person or can you have true love for yourself? Obviously we believe true love is created by the deep connection of two people coming together but Meredith Hansen raises a good point that love for each other and ourselves internally is just as important as true love for another.

couple in true love

How To Achieve A Truly Loving Relationship 

Now that we've explored the characteristics of real love, let's delve into how we can take proactive steps to foster a more loving relationship. First and foremost, it's crucial to recognize that many people mistakenly interchange real love with fantasy, often preferring the illusion of connection over genuine emotional intimacy.

Here are some of our best tips on how to break free from fantasy and transition into a real state of true love.

Confront Your Defensive Mechanisms

If we are all being honest, love and intamacy is often surrounded by fears and anxiety deep down. While we may fantasize about falling in love, the reality of it can trigger deep-seated anxieties and emotional pain from our past. Dr. Robert Firestone suggests that both giving and receiving love disrupt the negative self-perceptions we've held onto since childhood. The unconscious fear of shattering our familiar world can lead us to push love away.

The primary obstacle to building a true loving relationship is often rooted within ourselves. For instance, if childhood experiences left us feeling rejected, we may struggle with trusting or getting too close to a partner. On the other hand, if criticism was prevalent, we may seek out partners who reinforce these negative feelings or reject affection altogether. Identifying these patterns, understanding them and ultimately confronting them is the key to a long last relationship. The truth is, you will only really feel strong enough to do this if your connection with your partner is deep enough. That's true love.

lovers holding hands

How To Make True Love Last

Remember true love is love that lasts a lifetime. Here are some easy-to-follow tips to keep the flame burning:

Be Vocal About Things You Like

Sure we all rush to say the things we don't like but expressing appreciation for the small joys in your partner's life can make a big difference. Compliment their choices, thank them genuinely, and make eye contact when you share positive sentiments. By making these small acts of love a priority, you contribute to a more joyful and resilient relationship. Appreciation and respect for each other aloud goes a long way.

Touch Each Other More

Psychical touch is my love language, what about yours? Human touch releases feel-good endorphins for both the giver and the receiver. Holding hands, sharing a kiss, or simply brushing against each other can strengthen your bond. Recreate the intimacy you had in the early days, adding more of these affectionate touches to build a fortress of love. A tight-knit couple can weather any storm and come out stronger the other side as a team.

Stop Blaming Your Partner for Everything. Take Accountability Too

Instead of blaming your partner for relationship issues, focus on personal growth. Accept the flaws you may have. Work on them, become better. Taking responsibility for your own flaws and seeking the best in your companion can lead to positive changes. Avoid putting your partner on the defensive and nurture a more optimistic environment, where both of you feel motivated to contribute to the joy in your relationship. it is important you both consciously do this. True love makes it possible.

Improve Your Relationship by Relaxing

Prioritize your happiness to create a positive environment in your relationship. Engage in activities that help you relax, whether it's morning yoga, a switch to decaf, or taking up a new hobby. A happier you internally contributes to a happier relationship. Relight that love for yourself. Make an effort on your appearance, it will boost your confidence, making you more likely to make eye contact and spark joy in your partner. Love yourself the way they love you.

Fight Fair

The most common myth around true love is that true lovers do not fight. This is false. Conflict is a natural part of any relationship, but it's crucial to handle it constructively. Avoid criticism, confrontation, and hostility, as they only intensify the issue. Happy, true loving couples focus on joint problem-solving, avoiding critical language and absolutes like "never" and "always." If a conflict arises, try changing the subject, injecting humor, empathizing, or showing extra appreciation. If needed, take a break to cool off before addressing the issue. Remember fighting is an emotion and emotion is linked to love. This is a positive thing as long as the fighting is meaningful and non toxic.

Final Thoughts

We are big believers that true love is real. We define true love as a love that feels deeper than anything you have ever experienced with anyone else before. As hard as it is to define true love, we believe true love is a feeling deep within. If you know then you know. It's important to understand that true love does not come without its ups and downs. True love is not perfect as many claim it is. At the end of the day your true love for each other means so much more when tested. We hope you have found your true love and wish those who are still search good luck!

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