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The Judgement Tarot card Meaning

In this article we are going to teach you about The Judgement Tarot card and its meaning when drawn in both the upright and reversed positions. We use tarot during our psychic readings for our clients.

Upright Judgment Tarot Card Meaning:

The card depicts the last judgment, with people rising from the grave to face Gabriel's trumpet call. It symbolizes evaluation, accountability, and a significant moment of reflection.

General Meaning Of The Judgement Card Upright

It signifies a period of self-reflection, awakening, and evaluation. It's a time to assess your actions and their consequences and make changes for a new beginning.

Love Meaning:

Reflect on your love life, address issues, and communicate openly with your partner. Small changes can have a positive impact on your relationship.


A period of awakening in your career, possibly leading to adjustments or a new purpose. Take responsibility for your actions and improve workplace behavior.

Finances Meaning:

Reflect on your financial habits and values. Make positive changes in your financial approach.

Reversed Judgment Tarot Card Meaning:

General Meaning For The Judgement Tarot Card Reversed

Self-doubt, harsh self-judgment, and missed opportunities. Take pride in moving forward confidently. It may also suggest taking time for reflection and forgiving yourself for past mistakes.

Love Meaning:

Avoid unfair criticism in your relationship. Face the truth about your romantic situation and make necessary changes.

Career Meaning:

Avoid being too harsh on yourself or failing to take responsibility for mistakes. Reflect on your abilities and actions at work.

Finances Meaning:

Don't be overly harsh on yourself after financial setbacks. Learn lessons but be kind to yourself. Be aware of repeating financial patterns.

These interpretations provide valuable guidance for individuals seeking insights into their lives and decisions when the Judgment card appears in a Tarot reading. It encourages self-awareness, reflection, and a willingness to make necessary changes for personal growth and development.

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Author: Libby Anna Greenfield

Libby Greenfield is a professional psychic medium relationship expert/ author. She provides idepth knowledge and experience of all things love and relationships. Using her tarot cards to provide the best possible email readings for her clients.

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