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How To Know If A Man Is Falling In Love With You

There are some really obvious signs that a man is starting to fall in love with you. Let's dive into the signs that can tell you if he's catching those love vibes or if you're just a cool person to hang out with. Nothing but straight to the point and real talk here.

So, you've met a guy, and things are going well. You have that deep exciting butterfly feeling in your stomach that you haven't felt in a while. The dates are fun, the chemistry is undeniable and refreshing, and you're starting to become more and more invested.

You might be starting to get that feeling that there could be a future with this man, perhaps your mind is starting to go crazy imagining all these potential future moments together but how do you know if this man is also starting to fall in love with you too?

11 Signs That A Man Is In Love With You

1. He wants to spend more time with you

When a guy is starting to fall in love with you, you'll notice a subtle change in his behaviour. The man you first met seemed relaxed, calm, not that interested. Now he is starting to fall for you, you can see he is no longer itching to escape to rush your time together. He'll want to spend as much time with you as possible. No talk of needing 'space' or 'taking it slow.' It's all about enjoying each other's company, and that's a good sign. He'll be the one taking charge and setting up plans for your next date.

2. He's Beginning To Open Up

Now this one requires patience as every man is different. However, as your connection deepens, you may start to see this man beginning to talk more about his past. He may be a little hesitant or you might even get the vibe he is choosing his words carefully. None the less, a man beginning to open up to you is a pretty strong indication that he is starting to full in love with you.

These interactions are powerful, they often mean a lot to a man. This is a sign he is is starting to trust and love you. Do not take this for granted.

3. Wait, is he nervous?

The first time you met this guy was cam, cool and collected. You might have even questioned if he fancied or liked you at the beginning. Now, he seems a bit jittery, he's actively trying to impress you or perhaps he is really thinking before he talks. These are all great signs he's starting to fall for you. Do you remember those nerves going to meet this man? Yep thats how he's feeling.

Now, if you guys are on your 3rd or 4th date and you've been spending more time together, these nerves could potentially mean he might be on the brink of telling you he loves you or thinking about taking things exclusive. Now if this doesnt show a man is falling in love with you then i don't know what will.


man and woman in love

4. He Wants You To Meet His Friends

When a guy introduces you to his pals, it's a big deal. If they seem interested in you, it's because he's been talking about you. Now take it from us, a guy introducing you to his friends is no small thing. He's looking to see if you can hold your own with the people closest to him. And you bet he is going to ask their opinions after the meetup.

Try not to stress though, the fact he has taken this step is a solid example that your new man is starting to fall in love with you and the idea of you two as a team.

5. Future Plans

Talking future plans together is one of our favourite signs that a man is starting to fall in love with you. Is he casually mentions plans for next summer or your birthday next year? We know you're smiling at this point and those butterflys are flying. There's nothing that shows a man is falling for you more than him mentally mapping out your future together. It's not quite a marriage proposal, but it's definitely a step in the right direction right?

6. No Games, Just Pure Intentions

Love is no game. If he's falling in love with you, he won't play games. Now when we first meet someone we love the thrill, we might even purposely reply to a text a little later then you should. But this is usually a means to keep the other person interested. Perhaps he did this and you loved the thrill of the chase.

However, things have progressed, your new man will not want to play these games anymore, don't worry he hasn't turned boring, he is just a little more mindful of your emotions and there's no doubt he is starting to care and love you more and more.

7. The Look 

You know exactly what we mean. That deep look into your eyes that feels like pure magic. Do you ever catch him gazing at you thoughtfully or with a lingering stare? this is a sign of love and admiration towards you. You've probably seen the social media trends "find a man that looks at you the way...". This is a surefire sign he's falling in love with you hard. Jheez, everyone wants to be looked at that way, lucky you!

8. He wants to protect and provide for you

This is one of our 3 favourite signs that a man is falling in love with you. It is no secret that a good man wants to feel like an essential part to your life. After all this could be the man yuo marry and raise a family with. Regardless of your position a man wanting to protect and provide for you shows true love. This doesnt mean your not a strong independent woman, it just means he's falling for you and loves you a lot.

9. He Listens 

When a guy's falling in love with you he listens intensly. That's right, no phone-checking or zoning out during your conversations. He's genuinely interested and invested into what you are saying. He encourages you to talk to him about anything and often makes it clear that nothing you say is "silly". You have his attention and thats because he loves you.

10. Compromise

Compromise is a two way street. If the man you are wondering if or not is falling in love with with you meets you halfway on plans, it shows he respects your life and preferences. It's a sign that he's willing to compromise for a healthy, balanced relationship. This is a promising sign he is falling, after all by definition, compromise means coming together. Any man that wants to come together with you is likely to have fallen for you.

11. He Feels Like Home

This is an interesting one. We started to think if there's anything a man can make you feel which indicates he has fallen in love with you. We think yes, there is. When a man loves you, he makes you feel secure, comforted, and like you're exactly where you need to be. If he's becoming your safe haven, he is obviously doing all the right things. We believe this is a subconscious sign that this man has fallen in love.

Final Thoughts

So, there you have it— 11no-nonsense signs that a man is falling or has already fallen in love with you. Keep your eyes and heart open to these signs and we have no doubt you will attract the love you desire. Remember, if you want to get a better understanding of what the future holds, please do let our psychics guide you with your very own personal psychic email reading.

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Author: Libby Anna Greenfield

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