What is Green Aventurine? - Its origin and everything you need to know

The Origin of the green aventurine crystal 

Green aventurine was first discovered around 1837. Its name comes from the Italian phrase " a Ventura" which translates into "by chance". You can commonly find aventurine being made into jewelery , which people love to wear due to its energy and healing properties.

Aventurine meaning and energy properties 

The green aventurine gemstone is known as the luck crystal. The energy properties that come from aventurine are believed to shift ones mindset to a growth state. The energy of the green aventurine crystal will help give you that gentle push you need to progress forward and take a leap of faith. With luck now on your side, the feeling of confidence flows through you.

This crystals energy helps you to stay in a calm state of flow, your emotions will feel somewhat more controllable. With this new found control over your emotions and energy, you will remain focused on your short to mid term goals. This means positive change in all areas of your life within the next 3-12 months. The energy of aventurines luck radiates around you, your friends will begin to see you change for the better. This positivity is enhanced by the aventurine crystal and it is important to remember this energy should be shared. This will lead to growth and happiness not just for you, but your loved ones around you too.

Does Aventurine bring you luck and good fortune?

Absolutely! Aventurine is known as the good luck crystal. By wearing Green Aventurine Jewellery you can seamlessly attract luck from the universe. You can also enhance your visualisation and manifestation sessions by harnessing the lucky energy of your green aventurine crystal. Through lucky energy and powerful self visualisation you can make your desires a reality.

Aventurine for luck and money

We could all do with some money fortune from time to time. The best way to attract some money luck is by placing your Aventurine in your purse or wallet. Many also cary loose aventurine in their handbags. In order  to tap into wealth and abundance, we recommend our aventurine tumblestones.

Green Aventurine is a  natural source of good luck and abundance. By wearing aventurine in cute jewellery form or just having aventurine close to you is enough to benefit from its lucky energy.



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