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Best UK Psychics 2023 Review

Accessing psychic services in the UK is easy. However, finding high quality and trusted psychics is a challenging task.

There are constantly new psychic companies popping up across the internet claiming to offer legitimate readings but the truth is most are simple scams unfortunately. Readings are often undelivered or poor quality.

We have put together this article to promote legitimate UK psychics with a small list of pros and cons for each. Our goal is to be unbiased and most importantly help UK customers receive legitimate psychic and tarot readings.

Obviously the best UK online psychic readings award in 2023 goes to us right? No but seriously here is a bit of shameless but honest promotion..

1) Psychic Belief

Arguably the new guys on the block but with our new modern approach to psychic and tarot readings we can definitely offer you different perspectives.


- We only work with the most trusted and best UK based Psychics and mediums. (Our reputation means the world to us, which is why we are super fussy and vet our psychic talent)

- UK based Company

- Cheap and affordable psychic readings 

- We offer psychic readings and much, much more! - Check out our crystal and spiritual jewellery.


- Unfortunately, for now we only offer email psychic readings. No over the phone readings through psychic belief are available at the moment. But coming soon!

- Small (but the best) team of psychics. This may mean you have to wait a day or two for your online psychic readings to be delivered to your email.

Psychic Sisters:

The truth is, we are a big fan of psychic sisters. Jayne Wallace has created a fantastic UK psychic company.


- Established and well known.

- Physical presence - Can be found at Selfridges London for easily accessible in person psychic readings if you're based in and around London UK !


- The biggest con for psychic sisters is their huge price tag. Readings with Jayne herself costs around £150.00 for just half an hour. I guess she has done readings for the rich and famous, so we'll leave it to you to decide if that's justified or not.

- No over the phone psychic readings offered.


Psychic readings UK . com

Run by a Scottish psychic called Gail Keenan, although this psychic service has been running for a while, i'm yet to know anyone who has had a reading completed by Gail herself.


- Offer both text and over the phone UK psychic readings.

- Transparent pricing, readings that are 20 minute readings are the shortest they offer which works out at £1.40 a minute.



- We feel like their site lacks trust signals and a lack of reviews and testimonials especially considering how long they have been running.

- Google reviews are outdated with no new reviews. (all reviews are around 2 years old)

Lesley Carver

Lesley is definitely an OG in the psychic reading space. Trusted, known and well respected in the industry, we love Lesley!


- Over 15 years of reading experience.

- A good size team of UK psychic readers.

- Offers a premium psychic phone reading service.



- Lesley's psychic readings are slightly on the expensive side. Up to 20 minutes will cost you around £1.50 a minute. 20 Minutes available for £29.99. This is the shortest reading you can pay for.

Psychic Today 

There's no doubt psychic today is a larger corporate company. Therefore we worry about the quality of their service, however there's no doubt they are legit.


- A wide variety of UK based psychics available for readings.

- Huge range of services including text, phone and live psychic chat available.


Quality of readers and their vetting process could be seen as questionable

- Given their corporate size and structure, it could be argued that you may lack that deep 1-1 psychic connection.

I hope this honest review of the best UK psychics and their pros and cons save you some time searching for your ideal match. The UK has some awesome psychic services, but we certainly recommend the ones listed above. We'd be honoured to serve you with an email psychic reading that will be in-depth and expertly crafted by one of our trusted and experienced UK psychic mediums.








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Author: Libby Anna Greenfield

Libby Greenfield is a professional psychic medium relationship expert/ author. She provides idepth knowledge and experience of all things love and relationships. Using her tarot cards to provide the best possible email readings for her clients.

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